Meet the mothers of Angaradebou.

A lengthy dry season makes growing food in northern Benin incredibly difficult. SELF's Solar Market Garden combines solar-powered pumps with drip irrigation to enable year-round food production.

Access to energy:

Saves Lives

Vaccine refrigerators, medical equipment, and water purification systems can’t run without access to electricity.

Feeds Families

Solar-powered pumps ensure clean water delivery and can be combined with drip irrigation for food production.

Improves Education

Lights, computers, and internet connectivity reduce the barriers to students pursuing an education.

Increases Income

Electricity equips entrepreneurs with tools to jumpstart small business operations, creating more robust local economies.

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Decentralized Solar Can Help End Water and Food Insecurity By Robert A. Freling Two billion people lack access to safe drinking water today. The impacts are dire — on human health, on food security, on gender equality, and more. When we look at who lacks clean water, the alignment wi...

SELF’s 2023 Annual Report

In 2023, SELF developed new technologies and programs that expand our global understanding of energy. It’s not just the lights overhead; it’s health, safety, opportunity, and prosperity.   A new microgrid connects rural people to legal aid. A solar cooking program creates income op...

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Energy poverty by the numbers

It’s about more than turning the lights on. The impacts of energy poverty span nearly every aspect of life.


% of people who lack safe drinking water


% of people who live without adequate sanitation


% of people who use dangerous cooking systems


% of people who don’t have internet access

Source: The 2022 Sustainable Development Goals Report

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SELF is a global leader in the fight against energy poverty. Since 1990, we’ve pioneered unique applications for solar energy, powering progress on food security, health care, education, gender equity, and more. 

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