Meet the mothers of Angaradebou in Benin Africa.

In Angaradebou, a village in northern Benin, mothers struggled to grow enough food to feed their families during the lengthy dry season. As you will see in the My Fat Baby video, SELF's Solar Market Garden combines solar-powered pumps with drip irrigation to enable year-round food production - empowering women to earn a living selling produce and assuring the health of their children.

Bringing electricity to remote, disenfranchised communities helps improve the quality of life in many ways. Here are just a few:

Saving Lives

Powers vaccine refrigerators, medical equipment, and water purification systems.

Enabling Water and Food Security

Fuels solar-powered pumps to ensure clean water delivery. Combined with drip irrigation, the pumps enable year-round food production.

Improving Education

Powers lights and computers and enables internet connectivity.

Increasing Income

Provides electricity for goods and services not previously available, creating a more robust economy.

Project Highlights

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The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) now offers its supporters a cutting-edge way to help fund the fight against energy poverty. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can provide a “forever” legacy when they fund SELF’s efforts to install sustainable solar systems in remote, rural communities in...

New Video! The Benin Village of Dadi Welcomes Clean Water

SELF has begun its project to provide 24 solar-pump water stations to villages in the Kalalé District of Benin. No matter how much testing has been done beforehand, it is always a little stressful waiting to see if the new well is going to have enough water pressure to meet the dema...

SELF Executive Director Featured in the Global Citizen

SELF Executive Director Bob Freling was recently interviewed by Global Citizen writer, Brandon Wiggins, about the need to bring clean, affordable  solar electricity to the world’s most vulnerable communities that have little hope of ever getting connected to the grid.  Few people understand...

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Energy Poverty by the Numbers

Since 1995, SELF has been striving to improve these numbers. We have completed projects in nearly 25 countries and pioneered unique solar electricity applications to address some of the developing world's most vexing problems. We have created a device to harvest excess electricity from solar vaccine refrigerators to redirect to critical medical devices, created solar micro-enterprise centers in Nigeria that increase commerce, powered telemedicine in the Amazon rain forest, enabled online learning in South Africa, and much more.


Billion People Without Energy Access1


% Of Global Population Without Energy Access1


Million People Without Clean Water2


Million Children Without Vaccine Access3

Sources: 1) International Energy Agency - Database 2) WHO/UNICEF JMP Report 2017 3) Joint news release WHO/UNICEF/GAVI Alliance/BMGF

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Since 1990, SELF has completed projects in more than 25 countries and pioneered unique applications of solar power such as for drip irrigation in Benin, health care in Haiti, telemedicine in the Amazon rain forest, online learning in South Africa and microenterprise development in Nigeria.

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