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SELF does not rent, share, sell, or trade its online and offline donors’ personal information (name, phone number, email address, physical address) under any circumstance. The only instance where we recognize our donors is by including their names in the SELF Annual Report, unless they request anonymity.

When you donate offline with a credit card number, we destroy our record of the credit card number as soon as the payment has cleared.  So, we do not store your credit card numbers.  When you donate to SELF online, your credit card information is secured by GiveDirect, an independent giving platform for charities.  You will see the “closed” lock symbol on the lower part of the browser screen when you are on our secure donation pages.  You will also notice in your web site address bar that the domain name starts with an “https” on those donation pages.  This means that information entered on those pages is encrypted for your security.

Unless they instruct us otherwise, donors who provide their e-mail addresses will be added to SELF’s electronic mailing list which is never rented, shared, sold or traded.  Donors can opt out of SELF’s e-mailings at any time.

A cookie primarily stores information concerning your visits and preferences as to your browsing on the SELF site so that you do not have to re-enter your settings when you come back to our site.  Usage of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information while on the SELF website. Once the user closes their browser, the cookie terminates. You can set your browser to refuse the cookies our site attempts to send you. Should you decide not to accept cookies from SELF you may limit the functionality we can provide when you visit our site.

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SELF is a global leader in the fight against energy poverty. Since 1990, we’ve pioneered unique applications for solar energy, powering progress on food security, health care, education, gender equity, and more. 

501(c)(3) non-profit organization EIN: 52-1701564

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