Energy is a Human Right

Lack of energy reinforces our greatest global inequities. Energy determines who can grow food. Energy determines who can get vaccinated. Energy determines who can go to school.  

SELF witnessed these disparities firsthand during our early projects in China, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Connecting homes to a power source created new opportunities for rural families. Thirty years later, we’ve seen dozens of communities transform simply by leveling the playing field of energy access. 

In 2015, affordable and clean energy was codified as one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We’re proud to work alongside our global colleagues and lead on solar solutions.  

Because energy isn’t reserved for a privileged few.

Energy is a human right. 


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SELF is a global leader in the fight against energy poverty. Since 1990, we’ve pioneered unique applications for solar energy, powering progress on food security, health care, education, gender equity, and more. 

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