Energy Poverty

Energy poverty—the lack of reliable energy access—undermines virtually every aspect of human welfare. 

  • Without power to pump water for drinking and irrigation, rural communities face high levels of malnutrition and water-borne disease. 
  • Without well-lit streets, women and girls are at greater risk of sexual violence when leaving their homes at night. 
  • Without electricity, rural clinics have no way to store vaccines or operate medical equipment. Maternal-child health is severely impacted by lack of power. 
  • Without light, children are unable to study in the evening. Widespread reliance on kerosene lanterns causes indoor air pollution and explosions that kill or seriously injure tens of thousands every year. 

Tackling our greatest global challenges requires energy access. SELF is committed to eradicating energy poverty and helping to build a brighter future for all. 


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SELF is a global leader in the fight against energy poverty. Since 1990, we’ve pioneered unique applications for solar energy, powering progress on food security, health care, education, gender equity, and more. 

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