Converting Cans and Bottles to Electricity

One of the pleasures of working at SELF is getting to know our diverse group of supporters.  Most are adults, but there also some remarkable kids like 12-year-old Declan, a home schooler from Oregon.  Encouraged by his parents, Rafael and Michelle, he is an avid volunteer within his local community.  But his good works also benefit people living in far corners of the world where SELF provides solar electricity.

Since 2017, Declan has been collecting and recycling bottles and cans in his neighborhood and donating his earnings to SELF.  He credits his “platinum-level” neighbors—John, Sylvia, Jen, and Sam—for providing him with a large portion of his recyclables.

Asked why he chooses to support SELF, Declan professes his intense interest in computer electronics and solar photovoltaics—”a perfect fit,” he believes.  He adds, “I love thinking about the fact that I can turn cans and bottles that would otherwise be thrown away into electricity and clean water for families in rural areas.”  

At SELF we are fond of all of our donors, but we reserve a special hug for Declan.

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