Support Solar this Earth Day

Four people build a structure to support solar panels in Colombia
Solar panel outside a building in a rural Colombian village
Three Arhuaco children pose for a photo among the trees

Of all the causes to donate to this Earth Day, why support solar-powered initiatives? 

It’s simple: Expanding access to solar power does two things at once. Solar fights climate change and improves the quality of life for the nearly one billion people who still lack access to basic electricity. 

This Earth Day, be part of the movement for change. 

Earth Day, past and present 

Earth Day was first established in 1970, when climate change was just a questionable whisper in science laboratories. As Earth Day grew from a U.S. movement to a global phenomenon, so did our understanding of the climate—and the necessity of urgent action.  

Fast-forward to 2024, and not only do we face the effects of climate change daily, but we also better understand the path to progress. And as a planet, we’ve grown to comprehend the unequal impacts climate change has and the importance of supporting those most vulnerable to it. 

Earth Day 2024 is an opportunity to meet this moment and maximize our impact. 

Why give to solar? 

Solar is a powerful force for the planet. When you support solar-powered initiatives, you’re inviting communities into the energy transition, reducing emissions, and building a sustainable platform for growth. The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) focuses on rural and marginalized people, who often face the greatest impacts from climate change. Equipping these communities with sustainable power mitigates emissions by replacing polluting energy sources like coal, diesel, and kerosene with a clean alternative. It also increases overall energy access, thereby supporting adaptation and resilience in a changing world.  

Solar is also a life-changing resource for the people. Equipping unelectrified communities with solar power helps fight poverty at its roots. Imagine cooking a meal, doing your job, or educating your child with no access to electricity. Energy allows people to break the cycle of poverty and pursue their dreams. And solar, specifically, enables even the most remote communities—far from a national utility grid—to tap into the benefits electricity provides. 

Your Earth Day gift supports initiatives like: 

  • Solar-powered streetlights. Installing streetlights in unelectrified villages improves safety at night, and creates designated spaces for children to study, parents to work, and the community to gather after dark. 
  • Solar-powered drip irrigation gardens. Equipping gardens with solar power helps farmers grow more crops, increasing their income and improving food security in their communities. 
  • The solar bakery program. Working with the Uganda-based non-profit, the Rape Hurts Foundation, this program provides a path to income and a new start for survivors of sexual violence.  

Give now, and share this link with friends, families, and colleagues to maximize your Earth Day impact.  

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