In the Narok South District of Kenya, extreme poverty, lack of educational opportunity, and absence of quality health services plague the region, disproportionately affecting young women. For this reason, Free The Children (FTC), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to free children from poverty and exploitation, founded the Kisaruni Girls Secondary School. The school was created with the intentions of fostering a foundation of healing and understanding, bringing together young women from different tribes in a safe and educational environment, many of which, have been made victims of the side effects from poverty.

FTC approached SELF with an interest to use renewable energy solutions to produce electricity for their projects in the field. SELF assisted FTC with the design and installation of an 8.4 kW solar-diesel hybrid system for the Kisaruni School and nearby Baraka Health Center. The solar array now provides electricity to illuminate 8 classrooms, along with computers, printers, and other school related technologies. With access to electricity, the Baraka Health Center now possesses the first ultrasound machine in the community used to provide prenatal care, along with new additions to the clinic such as a vaccine refrigerator, defibrillator, microscope, centrifuge, examination lights, and computers.

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